ADLAB project

Audio Description: Lifelong Access for the blind

ADLAB is a three-year (2011-2014) project on audiodescription (AD) financed by the European Union under the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) with the aim of funding HEI courses to train AD specialists and to design reliable and consistent guidelines for the practice of AD.

The need to improve the practice of AD – namely the insertion of short verbal descriptions illustrating the essential visual elements of an audiovisual product for the blind and visually impaired community – and to make more and more audiovisual products available to sensorially disabled people is ever more urgent due to the significant number of people in Europe registered as blind or described as having low vision.

Thanks to the joint contribution of eight partners from six European countries (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Poland and Germany) the project aims at identifying the present inconsistencies in AD crafting methods and provision policies at European level.

An introductory video (in Italian) is available here.

For more information and to access the e-book with the ADLAB Guidelines for Audio Description see